Permanent Makeup



What are Lorie’s clients saying?

Lorie, Thank you so very much for such an amazing experience. At age 58 I have eyes again. The eyeliner tops and bottom has taken 5 years off my face. I could not be happier. The liner is perfect and needs no touchup. WOW!WOW!WOW!

~T.P., Pennsylvania

Lorie, Just wanted to say, thank you. I know I had trouble keeping my eyes open and they watered like crazy, plus… I was really scared. You worked so confidently, I’m healed and my eyeliner is perfect! You did an amazing job! Thank you for your patience and ‘working with me’.You have a true gift and I’ll be recommending you to my clients and everyone else. ๐Ÿ™‚

~L. Johnstown

Hi Lorie, I love my brows! Two more words…….You Rock!


“Lorie, Thanks again so much! I look awesome!” ๐Ÿ™‚


Hi Lorie, You did my eyeliner a few years back. I always get complimented on my perfect eyeliner. I just had a few skin tags removed from my eyelids and the Dr. commented on the preciseness and said I was in good hands. He was looking at it in a magnifier too, lol. Thank you again. Iโ€™m still loving it and talk you up in Maryland!


Iโ€™m 78 and needed a lift at this stage of my life. My permanent makeup was it! You are skilled in every aspect. Iโ€™m very satisfied with the result. Youโ€™re a true professional.


Lorie, Iโ€™ve never had my eyeliner look so perfect. It was quite painless. You work with such confidence and your hands are so steady. Iโ€™m so happy with the miracle you did on my eyes!

~A. Clearfield

I was the topic of conversation last night. Thank you for the great job on my brows!


Lorie has the most steady hands and perfect lines for my eyeliner. Looks so natural but yet makes my eyes sparkle. No more smearing eye makeup when I shower, swim, etc. Awesome job Lorie, I am so happy with the miracle you did on my eyes.

~Amy, Clearfield Pennsylvania

Lorie, Thank you for taking the time and offering your suggestions. I ended up with just what I wanted! Wish I would have known about you a long time ago. Thanks again.


Dear Lorie, I am thrilled with my eyebrows. I feel confident again. You must get great satisfaction in this profession. Not only do I think you are a great artist, I also think you are an angel in disguise. With much gratitude.

~ G. State College

Just left my eye doctor. He asked me who did my eyeliner so I told him. He said I see a lot of permanents make up done, and yours, by far, is the best I have seen, really nice. He made my day. I hope this makes yours!

~ Maribeth, Harrisburg, PA

My brows are beautiful! Even my son likes them. Thank you for doing what you do.” ๐Ÿ™‚


Lorie, Thank you so much for my new brows! It’s so much easier when getting ready to go. It was a surprisingly fun experience ๐Ÿ™‚


I took a picture of how I wanted my brows to look after the procedure, and that is exactly what I got. They were perfect!!! When my girlfriends saw me they thought I had a facelift, not even an eyelift, a facelift!!!! What a difference it has made for me in the aging process.

~ Leslie, 64, Clearfield, PA

My own business and busy lifestyle require me to always put my best face forward yet I barely have time to apply makeup everyday. I researched the internet for months and visited countless permanent makeup businesses in and around PA. After talking to Lorie and seeing comprehensive photos and credentials, I knew I would be driving 4 hours to have my permanent makeup done. The procedure was painless and my results are FABULOUS. My girlfriends are now planning their four-hour road trip to the secret gem, Secrets by Lorie. THANK YOU!!

~ J.R. Philadelphia, PA

Just left my eye doctor. He asked me who did my eyeliner so I told him. He said I see a lot of permanents make up done, and yours, by far, is the best I have seen, really nice. He made my day. I hope this makes yours!

~ Maribeth, Harrisburg, PA

I want to thank you for your work and let you know that I absolutely love my eyebrows. They healed quickly and softened quite nicely. I love the shape and the arch that you thought was best for me. I am very happy I went with your suggestion and advice. Thanks again!

~ Heather, Schellsburg, PA

When I first thought I would want permanent eyeliner I was a little nervous about the fact of it being permanent. Trusting someone to do it and do it well was actually the part that made me nervous. After talking to a very confident Lorie she made me feel at ease about the whole thing. I am so glad I did it! If I ever decide to do anything else in the future I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

~ Tammy, 35, McClure, PA

I am so happy about my permanent make-up. I can wake up and get out of bed with full make-up. I am no longer late.

~ Cathy, Bellwood, PA

Lorie’s personality and confidence put me at ease immediately. From the actual procedure through the healing process, it is obvious she is a skilled professional who takes her work very seriously and cares about each client. My results are amazing!

~ L.M., 50, PA

I live in Philadephia and searched all for the internet for the right person to do my eyebrows. It was worth my trip to State College. I was scared of the permanence of the procedure as I am quite picky, but after we discussed our options, I felt comfortable and knew it would be fantastic and it was. I couldn’t be more thrilled, even 3 years later! I always get compliments on my eyebrows and they still look fabulous! As a nurse, I really appreciate her care, her technique and the cleanliness of her studio AND the 20 minutes I save with my morning routine. You are in GOOD HANDS!

~ Beth K. Philadelphia PA

I have the upper and lower permanent eyeliner and just LOVE it! The lines are perfect and look very natural. It is so nice to always have my make-up look done. Lorie is the nicest lady and committed to her clients’ satisfaction.

~ L.C.

Getting permanent eyeliner and permanent lipstick is the greatest thing I have ever done for ME!

~ Barbara, 81, Clearfield, PA

This is clearly the best thing I have ever done for myself in a very long time. I LOVE the permanent eyeliner and Lorie is such a delight to work with. She makes a person feel very special and will help you decide the options to bring out your very best. I highly recommend her to everyone.

~ Tammy, 48, Port Matilda

I am someone that rarely put much thought into how I applied my make-up. As a Legislative Assistant to two state legislators, I work face to face with the community daily. After making the decision to have permanent eyeliner done, I couldn’t be happier. It was a nice surprise when I began receiving so many compliments from the constituents we serve. I am more confident with my make-up now. No more smudgy eyeliner at the end of a busy work day.

~ Sue, PA House of Representatives

My sister and I can’t thank you enough. We had the time of our life with you. I searched this out for two years. Your patience with both of us was amazing. I recommend you to all my friends and family. You put me so at ease despite my anxiety. I did not have one attack at all and that says a lot. We love our eyebrows. I can’t stop looking at them and neither can my sister. The result is far beyond our wildest dreams. I still can’t believe it. Thanks a million from the bottom of our hearts. My husband thanks you. Now I am only in the bathroom for 5 min. instead of a half-hour / hour, and I am not kidding. It used to take me that long to do my eyebrows and make up.

~ Angie and Paulette