Permanent Makeup


Permanent Makeup FAQ’s

Q. Is Permanent Makeup safe?
It is a skin invasive procedure and proper aftercare is expected. Gloves and sterile disposable instruments are used and are properly disposed of after each client to ensure utmost safety. Reactions to permanent cosmetics (as well as anybody’s tattoos) are extremely rare.
Q. Is it similar to a tattoo?
Yes, the pigment is implanted into the dermis. (second layer of skin)
Q. How long does the procedure take?
About 2 hours. (This includes time to discuss color, shape, etc.)
Q. Is it painful?
A topical solution is used to minimize discomfort.
Q. What is the cost?
Cost varies with procedures, between $350 – $700.
Q. How long will it last?
Permanent Cosmetics will last for years. Long term aftercare instructions are given.
Q. What is the healing time?
You will apply ointment for about 6 days.
Q. What is the difference between Permanent Eyeliner and Eyelash Enhancement?
Eyelash Enhancement is a very subtle line implanted in-between lashes. Permanent Eyeliner is when the pigment is implanted in-between and above (or below for the bottom) into the dermis area.
Q. What is the differance between regular tattoo eyebrows and hairstroke eyebrows?
A typical tattooed eyebrow is normally done in one color and is much more solid. I implant at least 3 colors of pigment to simulate brow hairs clustering them together using a hair stroke technique to appear (in my opinion) as the most natural appearing brow.
Q. What is the differance between hairstroke brows and microblading?
Microblading is typically a semi-permanent makeup procedure and is done with a hand tool. Hairstroke brows are more permanent and are done with a permanent makeup machine. I do not currently offer microblading.