Eyeliner / Lash Enhancement

Eyeliner / Lash Enhancement

This simple procedure is done in less than an hour. It involves implanting pigment in between the upper lashes to give the illusion of fuller lashes and instant definition. It’s a perfect solution for women or men with light-colored, thinning lashes or anyone desiring a subtle and youthful eye-opening effect, effortlessly.

Upper Eyeliner

Upper eyeliner looks great on everyone. The pigment is placed in-between the eyelashes and built to the desired thickness (within reason). It will add shape and definition in a subtle natural way or a stand-out way, whichever suits your style.

Permanent Makeup Prices

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EYEBROWS hairstroke method





Eyeliner / Lash Enhancement

Upper eyeliner/lash enhancement.... $400
Lower eyeliner/lash enhancement.... $350