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MICROBLADING  by Tawnie Beck Appointments available Sundays.


Pictures on this page are original microblading work of Tawnie Beck.

Semi-Permanent tattooing known as Microblading involves using a hand tool with a blade-like tiny needles to create shallower cuts on the skin allowing a tiny amount of pigment to penetrate into a thin layer of skin only. Microblading can last up to a year or maybe longer before a touchup is required depending on your skin's pigment retention. For someone who's a bit uncommitted about making a permanent change, this just may be the ideal solution to a quick brow makeover. If trendy brows are appealing, this is a way to try the look then change the shape at a touchup, if desired.  

What's the difference between a permanent "hairstroke" eyebrow tattoo and the microblading?

Microblading - $450.00

Permanent eyebrow tattooing is a procedure which involves a machine to implant pigment deeper into the skin, thus, it's much longer lasting and the shape remains throughout  the years. However, a refresh is needed to boost the color as years go by. The technique used here at Secrets by Lorie is known as Hairstroke Permanent Brows.

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